Lake Maggiore Shores Community Garden Project

Lake Maggiore Shores Community Garden Project

On Saturday, January 13, 2018 and Monday, January 15, 2018 from 9am until 12pm Lakeview Presbyterian Church will rehab and expand the community garden on its’ campus located at 1310 22nd Ave South in St. Petersburg. This event is designed to promote health, neighborliness, and community and civic engagement.

Lakeview Presbyterian Church is located in a neighborhood that is in the heart of a low access/low income area, blocks away from a grocery store. Fresh vegetables are not readily available to the children, adults and seniors who live in the Lake Maggiore Shores neighborhood. By rehabbing and developing this garden, Lake Maggiore Shores residents will have a source for fresh vegetables and the garden will become a resource to the neighborhood.

At Lakeview Presbyterian Church we believe that it is through service, that relationships are built and maintained. This project will help to establish a service oriented convening location for the neighborhood. Neighbors and volunteers would continue to maintain the garden through the growing season. Ongoing tasks include weeding, watering, thinning, and then harvesting. By working together, we will get better acquainted with our neighbors and them with us – building a healthy, stronger and more sustainable neighborhood and community.

Our collaboration partners include the Lake Maggiore Shores Neighborhood Association, the Lake Maggiore Shores Neighborhood Initiative, Edible Peace Patch Project and Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition (SUAC). The Lake Maggiore Shores Neighborhood Association and the Lake Maggiore Shores Neighborhood Initiative will facilitate communications and engage neighbors who are not members of the church. In addition, we are also consulting with volunteers from the Edible Peace Patch and Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition(SUAC) to ensure our garden is viable and sustainable.

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